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Interview mit Audrey Horne
Band: Audrey Horne
Homepage: http://www.audreyhornemusic.com/
Datum: 26.05.2011

You just released your third album titled „Audrey Horne“. Following stereotyped ideas the third release is like a “peak”. Do you feel similar?
Yup. It`s only downhill from here !!! No, seriously, I think this band is better than ever now, and we have found a sort of “home-base”. This is who we are, and what we do. Every band needs a couple of albums to get into shape, and right now we feel strong and safe as a unit. Next album will hopefully take us even further into this feeling.

The sound of the album is quite dark also your lyrics. Did you work up own negative experiences?
Well, what can I say..we have a weak spot for this sort of thing. The dark side of the human soul is way more interesting. Anyone can relate to our good side, we don`t question that. The dark side however, is hard to understand, and therefor a better subject for lyrics, books, movies etc.

Do you like to make people think about your songs and lyrics? Like “Bridges and Anchors” for example: The title gives a positive input but the lyrics tend to be the opposite?
I do, that song is about regrets. Most of the time “burning bridges” is a bad thing..you do something that you can`t undo…however, in this song, I turned it around. Some bridges you should have burned. I like lyrical twists like this….stole the idea from an out-law-country artist called David Alan Coe though.

Where do you get the ideas for those brilliant guitar duels?
This are one of many mysterious that lives inside Ice Dale and Thomas` heads, and I do not know the answer to this. But being influenced by Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, amongst others, helps I guess

Do you have the transforming of a song on stage already in mind while you write it?
Well, sort of..cause we always try things out in our rehearsel-room during the process.

On your bonus-cd cover versions are found. What`s the inspiration of Beyonces “Halo” for you?
To be hounest : It`s just a great song. And we like to do things “outside the box”, it makes things more interesting.

I`ve seen the first and the last show on your tour. The first in Osnabrück was very good but a little bit retained. The last one in Bochum was bombastic! What`s your secret?
Just to have a good-as-possible time. We do this because we love it, it`s in our blood. This will always reflect on our audience. The first show of the tour is always a bit more retained..but as we get warmer, we get better. We grew up watchin great live bands like KISS etc, and we always aim to be the band that we would love to see ourselves.

Toschie gets into contact with the fans instantly and loves to jump off the stage. Do you prefer club shows more than open air festivals?
In many ways yes, I love the “hands-on”-feeling the club-gigs gives me, then again..the bigger the stage, the bigger the crowd. But I guess my heart belongs to the smaller clubs..more blood,sweat and tears there ! Getting into the crowd is a fantastic feeling when they respond to it. I`m a man of the people you know..he he !

What is Audrey Horne planning for the summer and the near future?
We are writing material for our next album as we speak, and hope to record it at the end of the summer. Apart from that, festivals in France, UK, Czeck rep and Norway. And then back to Germany to do more gigs.

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer these questions!
Take care and stay safe !! Toschie
// wiebke


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