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Band Genre Land Web
(Damn) This Desert Air Hard Rock USA icon_ms
(drama) Doom Metal Croatia icon_hp icon_ms
[SENG:FU] Alternative Metal Deutschland icon_hp
10Eyes Power Metal Deutschland icon_hp icon_ms
1349 Black Metal Norway icon_ms
1917 Death Metal Argentinien icon_hp
2 Son Multitud Melodic Dark Metal Spain icon_hp
3 Headed Monster Power Metal USA icon_ms
3 Headed Moses Heavycore Kolumbien icon_hp
3 Inches Of Blood Speed Metal Kanada icon_hp
37 Stabwoundz Hardcore Niederlande icon_hp
4Century Alternative Metal Frankreich icon_ms
5th Element Power Metal Italy icon_ms
7 Seals Power Metal Deutschland icon_hp
7 Sins Power Metal Schweden icon_hp icon_ms
7days 80er Rumpelmusik Schweden icon_hp icon_ms
7th Reign Power Metal Kanada icon_hp icon_ms
8 Foot Sativa Melodic Death Metal Australien icon_hp icon_ms
8 Point Rose Power Metal Schweden icon_hp icon_ms
A Gruesome Find Black Metal USA icon_hp
A Lower Deep Power Metal USA icon_hp
A Sickness Unto Death Doom Metal Deutschland icon_hp
A Sound Of Thunder Heavy Metal USA icon_hp icon_ms
A Thousand Years Slavery Metal Core Schweiz icon_ms
A Traitor Like Judas Metal Core Deutschland icon_hp
A Tribute To The Plague Doom Metal Brasilien icon_hp icon_ms
A.M.E.S 80er Rumpelmusik Deutschland icon_hp icon_ms
A.N.A.E.L. Industrial Frankreich icon_hp
Aardtmann Op Vuurtopberg Doom Metal Niederlande icon_hp
AARDVARKS Death Metal Deutschland icon_hp
Abandon Hope Thrash Metal Deutschland icon_hp
Abattoir Speed Metal USA icon_ms
Abed Death Metal Israel icon_hp
Abendland Black Metal Deutschland icon_hp icon_ms
Aberration Death 'n' Roll Deutschland icon_hp
Abhorrent Thrash Metal Brasilien icon_hp
Abinchova Folk Metal Schweiz icon_hp
Aborted Death Grind Belgien icon_hp
Abortus Death Metal Australien icon_hp
Abosranie Bogorn Brutal Death Metal USA icon_hp
Abrasive Brutal Death Metal Deutschland icon_hp
Abrogation Death Metal Deutschland icon_hp
Absinthium Speed Metal Italy icon_hp icon_ms
Absurd Universe Death Metal Niederlande icon_ms
Absurdistanica Grindcore Deutschland icon_hp
Abysmal Torment Grindcore Malta icon_hp
Abyzz Death Metal Deutschland icon_ms
AC Angry Heavy Metal Deutschland icon_hp
Accion Mutante Crust Deutschland icon_hp
Ace Carrol Death Metal USA icon_hp
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