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Thurisaz - Gothic Metal - 683 Hits


Thurisaz began as a quartet in May 1997, with Peter on guitar and grunts, Mattias on guitar and screams, Pepijn on drums and Lars on bass. After one year, the band felt that the time had come to release the first demo-cassette called "Never To Return". Back then, they played a mixture of Death and Doom with lots of grunts and a few specks of clean vocals. Feedback was good and many gigs ensued. In 1999, the band decided to enrich their sound with synth arrangements, so Kobe was enrolled to play along. The bunch entered the studio for the second time around and recorded "The Last Embrace". The compositions were a lot more aggressive and one could hear that the band was searching for his own style and sound. In the year 2002, with the recording of the third promo "Anno Viroviacum", Thurisaz at last found their style and also adopted their current moniker. The three songs featured on it, give the listener an idea of what Thurisaz stand for: musically high-standard Metal with lots of variation. The encouraging feedback to this third effort was there to prove it. The outstanding live reputation of the band was confirmed by their victory at the Belgian Metal Concours where they were heralded as "The Kings Of Metal".

Next step was the recording of their debut album "Scent Of A Dream", an event that took place early 2004. The result: a variegated album with lots of aggression, emotion and depth. A full promo campaign was launched in June in order to prepare the crowd for the upcoming European release of the band's debut. Reviews were really amazing and no one could really understand why this band hadn't been signed yet.

Currently, Thurisaz is working on new material which should be released by the end of 2006.


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