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A Traitor Like Judas - Metal Core - 3765 Hits


About atraitorlikejudas

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS earned the reputation as one of the busiest touring bands of the metalcore genre with a headstart. Only three month after their formation in Braunschweig/Germany they played their first show, soon followed up by a tour supporting NARZISS - without any record out on the market. The debut MCD “Poems For A Dead Man“ saw the light of day later in 2002. The reactions in the media and the scene assured the band a huge potential. One year later full of changes (label & line-up changes) A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS gave evidence to those high hopes with their debut full-length “Too Desperate To Breathe In“. A three week tour through Europe followed as well as many many gigs and an appearance on the first Pressure Festival in Herne/Germany. 2004 was the year of the “Ten Angry Men“. A Split-CD with Under Siege is released, Europe was toured twice, once with Burning Skies. As usual many gigs followed; A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS shared the stage with Caliban, Unearth, As I Lay Dying and Walls of Jericho among others. The count by this stage is already at about 350 shows. This consistent touring paved the way to the deal with Goodlife Records, the home of their old heroes Morning Again. Discontent with the quality of their recorded output so far A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS decided to focus on the songwriting process in preparation for the recordings of “Nightmare Inc.“, aiming to write songs that combine fast metal with creeping mosh parts. “The more you play your songs live the swifter they are annoying you. That's why it was about time to write fresher and better songs“, states guitar player Christoph. Now, after recording “Nightmare Inc.“ the band is finally satisfied with the result and self-confident: “Take everything you liked about A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS and multiply by 10! Everything is fully developed, better, stronger, more melodic and more brutal. This is a big step for us that sums up the best qualities we reveal in our shows.” The new album “Nightmare Inc.“ will be released on November 21st, 2005 by Dockyard 1 in cooperation with Goodlife. Two tours are already scheduled to support the release, and be sure that A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS are heading towards the peak of a modern metal, carried by the growing metal core scene where they are firmly based.

Q: http://www.atraitorlikejudas.com


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A Traitor Like Judas 10.04.2006

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