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Temple Of Void - Death/Doom - 95 Hits


Mitglieder der Band:
Alex Awn – Guitar,
Don Durr – Guitar,
Mike Erdody – Vocals,
Jason Pearce – Drums,
Brent Satterly – Bass.

Shadow Kingdom Records

Temple of Void is an uncompromising collaboration from the depths of Detroit. Comprising of five musicians who have put in decades of time in the Detroit underground, ToV entered this world with singular focus and methodical execution from the start. ToV harkens back to the somber sound of early British doom, while channeling the energy and devastation of old school American death metal. But ToV is far more than the sum of its parts. Temple of Void destroys.

Temple of Void self-released their demo in May 2013. Four weeks later and they had signed to four different record labels to produce and distribute their demo across the world. The demo was met with staggering support from the underground. And now, just over a year later and ToV is unleashing their debut album on double LP and cassette on Saw Her Ghost Records, as well as on CD through Rain Without End Records. This slab of barbarity is titled, “Of Terror and the Supernatural.”
In support of the album ToV recruited director William Saunders from NY to produce a music video for their song, “Savage Howl.”
Furthermore, once the album was cut ToV hit the studio again to record
“Os Abysmi Vel Daath” for the Morbid Tales book and 12” compilation by Mark Rudolph. Both sessions were primarily tracked by Clyde Wilson at Mt. Doom Studio. Additional tracking for the album was cut by Mark Hudson at Audiolux Studio, it was mixed by Todd Konecny at Bright White Light Studio, and finally mastered by Tony Hamera. Artwork was provided by the legendary fantasy artist Bruce Pennington. But this is only the beginning for Temple of Void. There are many heads still to decapitate, and many cities yet to burn.

Aktueller Wohnort:
Detroit, MI




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