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Burial - Death Metal - 89 Hits


Old-School Death Metal

Mitglieder der Band:

Stefan Verdoorn -Vocals/Guitars
Peter Dees -Guitars
Renzo van Poecke -Drums
Erwin van Dorsselaer -Bass

Terneuzen area

WVR (first album), Memento Mori (re-release), Raw Skull Recordz.

Old-school Deathmetal. m/

The Dutch death metal band Burial (based in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) has developed itself as a true cultband in the underground metalscene; started in the early nineties of the 20th century Burial signed its first and only record deal with German label West Virginia Records.

In 1993 the full length album 'Relinquished Souls' was released with success. Unfortunately in the year that followed the band had to deal with several problems and so the four members Stefan Verdoorn (vocals and guitar), Erwin van Dorsselaer (bass), Peter Dees (guitar) and Cyrille Dhaene (drums) decided to quit, just one year after 'Relinquished Souls' was released.

Exactly seven years later Burial stood up from the grave when the future bass player from Polluted Inheritance, Steven Vrieswijk proposed to give Burial a new chance. And so band members Peter, Erwin and Stefan got together again, this time with two new members: Sebastian Tieleman as the strong and intense vocalist and Steven Vrieswijk as the new guitarist. Peter became the drummer and with this new lineup Burial was reborn.
After several years of practising, (de)composing new songs and performing on
stages in Zeeland and Belgium, Burial was ready to release the demo CD
Resurrection' in 2006. This demo contains five dynamic tracks and is the result of eightteen hours recording at Holodeck XX Studios.

'Resurrection' can be described as old school death metal best compared with succesful bands like Massacre and Death
(Burials two great inspirations), a sound Burial was famous for in the nineties. Not too complicated or with unnecessary complex structures, but easy to listen to and to get you carried away with this rousing sound.

Still active, though, due to lack of time/ inspiration, Stefan left in 2009 and was replaced with Frank Schobben. (ex- Mordancy)

September 2009 Burial did it's last show (for now, that is), supporting Hail of Bullets.
Later, in 2011, Sebastian decided to quit, due the long spell of inactivity.
He was replaced with Angelo de Bruijn, who was in Mordancy asswell as Frank.
End of 2011 Burial was buried once more.

May 2015 Renzo and Peter met each other on a birthday party and started fumbling with the idea to start Burial again, joking about at first. Eventually both Erwin and Stefan thought is was a good idea to resurrect Burial again in the "Relinquished Souls" line-up.

Sept 2017 they went on stage again @ Kashfest Oostburg. This felt like coming home, so this wont be the only gig left. Be sure to check them out on a stage near you!!

Burial still are:
Renzo van Poecke - Drums
Stefan Verdoorn - Vocals, Guitar
Erwin van Dorsselaer - Bass
Peter Dees - Guitar

In a society where time is money and Nu Metal and faggy Emo dominates the musical landscape, Burial knows how to bring their fans back in time and lets them enjoy some good old fashion death metal.


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