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Brain Damage - Thrash Metal - 92 Hits


BRAIN DAMAGE, the new band from Ex-Vendetta-member Michael `Micky´ Wehner has released debut-CD!

The self-produced album `Born to lose…live to win´ was released on january 25, 2014 after a long waiting period and features eight versatile and varied songs in the intersection of Progressive Speed and Power Metal. Of course, the new songs are influenced by the early (and still active) VENDETTA. This is even more understandable, as beside Micky Wehner the former VENDETTA frontman Achim `Daxx´ Hömerlein is also involved. He is responsible for the lyrics of BRAIN DAMAGE, which - as in the past of VENDETTA - treat political and socially critical lyrics.

You can listen to the title track `Born to lose…live to win´ on youTube:


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