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Obscure Infinity - Death Metal - 526 Hits


OBSCURE INFINITY was founded in the beginning of the year 2007 by Jules (vocals) and Stefan (guitar). After a short while Kalle (bass) and Oli (drums) joined forces. The course was clear from the beginning…following the vision to create authentic music without any modern-day influences and absolutely trend free. Based deep in traditional Death Metal how it was played in the early 90’s by bands such as Unleashed, Grave, Death or Asphyx, but OBSCURE INFINITY are following their very own path and add some slight Thrash and Black Metal influences to their compositions. All band members are enthusiastic metal maniacs and their devotion and passion for metal is easily recognizable in their music.

In April 2008 the band started the recordings for its debut demo “Into The Depths Of Infinity”, which was recorded in the bands rehearsal room with the help of Nils (voc/git in Weird Fate). At this time OBSCURE INFINITY recruited Flo on the second guitar. The demo got a mostly positive feedback from magazines and fanzine (sure the band doesn’t want to pleaseeveryone).

Since the release of the demo OBSCURE INFINITY did several live shows and was working on new material for its debut full-length “Dawn Of Winter”. Early 2009 OBSCURE INFINITY joined forces with Obscure Domain Productions. In August 2010 „Dawn Of Winter“ was finally released. The Split Single „United In Death“ with Profanal from Italy came out on July 2011. After this the band was working for their second full length and did several live shows (for example the NRW Deathfest together with Asphyx, Entrails, Krypts and many more). In december 2011 Obscure Infinity recorded the songs for the second album "Putrefying Illusions". The album was released mid 2012 by Obscure Domain Productions. OBSCURE INFINITY went through some line-up changes. Sascha substituted Flo on the guitar and O. (Membaris, Chaos Invocation) replaced Oli on drums. The band played more cool live shows, for example at Party San Open Air or at Kill-Town Death Fest and found in F.D.A. Rekotz a new label home. After a split 7” with Deathronation the band recorded three new songs that were released on three different splits. The first with Humiliation from Malaysia via Brutal Art Records. The next one with Funeral Whore and the last one with Wound. The recordings for the third full took place in early 2014. In January 2015 "Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness" was released by F.D.A. Rekotz. After that another split with Arroganz, Lifeless and Reckless Manslaughter was released by Supreme Chaos Records.


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