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Endseeker - Death Metal - 1214 Hits


The Hamburg death crew ENDSEEKER was established in 2014 by Jury (guitar) and Kummer (drums) with the premise to revive the Swedish hatred era of the early 90s. After the first songs were created in 2015 and the line-up was completed with Eggert (bass), Ben (guitar) and Lenny (vocals) the formation shows first signs of life. In July 2015, the recording of the EP "Corrosive Revelation" was completed in the Chemical Burn Studio with Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn). The well-known producer team "Project Mayhem" (Alex Dietz, Eike O. Freese) is responsible for mixing and mastering. In 2015, first shows are now on to blow a violent old-school hellfire through the ears of defenseless victims. The "Corrosive Revelation" EP will be released by FDA REKOTZ in September 2015. Don’t miss to be a part of it!


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Endseeker 26.12.2017

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