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Bastard Saints - Brutal Death Metal - 1397 Hits


The Bastard Saints was founded in 1997 in Varese by Fiorenzo Quintiero (Guitars) and Andrea Marino (Voice). The first work was the band's demo "Hanged for a Blessed masturbation "in 1998 and then were immediately recorded the songs for a MCD "Disinfect with Terrorism" (with Fabio Coviello of Nefas as bassist - Joe Petagno for the art cover), which in 2000 became one split CD with Side Project of Dave Rotten's Christ Denied produced by Macabre Mementos Records (Japan). The summer of 2001 saw a small European tour (Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium) with Nefas to promote "Ropes above an Abyss of Fury" split MCD under The Flood Records (Italy). In 2002 BS played with Antigama, Nefas and Pignation at The Grind Manifesto in Poland, at which was released a CD containing the songs performed there. In 2003 the band released the 'MCD self-produced "La uno Bianca: To arm the integrity" at Avatars Studios in Milan Engineered and mixed by Tom Pagotto. In 2004 the Polish Antiself Records produced a new 7" ep splitted with Antigama, "Thirteen Stabwounds", and a Mortician cover of NY contained. Excerpts appear in Morbid Records' Musik Terror compilation CD Vol., Brutal Assault 6.66 comp (a compilation of the Czech Shindy Rec) and tapes as propelling Symphonies (FRA), Sadist compilation (Indonesia), the compilation "Horrorific Liquiscent Aftermath "(Australia) and many more. In November 2008 the band performed a series of dates like in St. Petersburg at the festival PETROGRIND 5 and for the piece "Thirteen Stabwounds "was also produced a video-tape at Boulevard studios (Morris Favalessa). At the moment the band is working on a CD collection of their past work out in April 2010 and new album "The Shape Of My Will" is searching a label to be released. In 2010 the band have new tracks and continue to produce stuff. In these years the Bastard Saints have played in Europe and in Italy with other bands like Goreopsy, Purgatory, Mind Snare, Cripple Bastards, Awful, Disgorge (Mexico), Sanatorium, Behemoth and many others as well in festivals such as Assoult Brutal, Grind Your Mother, Metal Disorder.


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