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Hittman - Heavy Metal - 1435 Hits


Formed in 1985 by Michael Buccell and Jim Bachi, HITTMAN were among the pioneers of Power/Progressive metal. Enlisting former Takashi drummer Chuck Kory, the band worked in huntington long island to lay the groundwork for a new kind of Hard rock band. After 6 months with singer Scott Knight the band decided they needed a more versatile vocalist and found him in Dirk Kennedy. After many revolving guitar players in the band they finally got the guy they wanted for years, John Kristen. With this line-up united, the band recorded the now classic HITTMAN demo. Traded in the Metal Underground, this cassette proved to be a valuable tool in the days before the internet. Having gotten rave reviews by most of the metal press including KERRANG!, Metal Forces and Burn in Japan. The band went about shopping for a record deal. Eventually signing with SPV records in The USA. On the eve of their release SPV records closed shop in the states and the contract reverted back to germany the labels home base. Frustrated with the turn of events, the band set about getting released from the contract. In the interim SPV licensed the album to Roadracer records a division of ROADRUNNER and the album found its way into The american market. Unfortunately the band had just been given the green light at POLYGRAM records, a deal that was to never see fruition. With little to no promotion the album became an underground favorite landing them on the cover of various major magazines and accolades from critics across the board, hailing HITTMAN as a progressive metal band with hits. But the band had ben so soured by the industry politics they would take 5 years to release the next record. Vivas Machina was finally released in 1993. It was a solid departure from the debut. Gone were the IRON MAIDEN influences and QUEENSRYCHE style vocals. Instead HITTMAN became their own man. Creating an album so diverse and technical people wondered if it was the same band. In fact Kory had been replaced amicably by Mark Jenkins on the drums, but the core remained the same. The band toured for the album and it looked like success was just a matter of time. But once again legal entanglments and industry politics stopped the band from keeping pace. After languishing for years without solid business commitment, the band started pursuing outside projects leading to an unofficial break-up. Jim Bachi formed a new band FUZZBUBBLE and released a debut to much acclaim. a power pop tour de force, The album has become a cult favorite. Dirk Kennedy took time off to write and returns this year with his first solo album LIFE IS NOW. to be released in 2007. With all the constant interest and internet musings over the years, HITTMAN has considered a return. Not a reunion, but perhaps a continuation from a band that is still not officially broken up. Time will tell.....

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