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Black Lotus - Black Metal - 1625 Hits


The foundations of Black Lotus were laid when Lindsay A. Kerr started writing songs in 2002. By the summer of 2005 several others became involved to collaborate on the distinct musical vision and Black Lotus, as a band, was born.

By December of that year the band recorded nine songs for what was to become their debut album "Light Subsides", in their hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Chinese label Dying Empylver Productions released the album in late 2006.

At the core of Black Lotus' inspiration lie the beautiful landscapes and wilderness of their surroundings on Vancouver Island. The heart of the Pacific Northwest, formed by a perfect harmony of mountain, forest and ocean. The band's music, atmospheric black metal with a melancholic folk feel, is paired up with its visual representation; the artwork of Lindsay A Kerr.

A three song promotional EP called "The Great Mortality" caught the attention of Canadian BLEAK ART RECORDS, who signed the band for their sophomore album. The band recorded and mixed their second effort in the spring and summer of 2008. "Harvest of Seasons" was released the following October.


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