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Savage Blood - Heavy Metal - 20 Hits


No doubt, in the nineties ENOLA GAY were an absolutely integral part of the European Power metal scene.

Their mix of catchy Melodies, crunchy riffs, crunchy thrash Elements and catchy hooks knew how to inspire, also on stage ENOLA GAY always convincing.

As headliner or as support of bands like Stratovarius, Iced Earth, Metal Church, Saxon, Testament, King Diamond or Nevermore, or even at festivals.

And of course the press noticed:

"By far the best thing the German Power Metal Underground has to offer" wrote at that time for example the German Rock Hard Magazine (7/97) about the band (last release: Strange Encounter 1999 / Century Media Records).

After three long players and numerous tours, 2001 came the split of ENOLA GAY.

Until one year ago (12/2016) Peter Diersmann (v.), Marc Könnecke (dr.) and Nico Luttenberg (g.) came together again to found a new formation together with Jörg Steinhake (g., Purid) and Markus Weckermann (b., Sudden Death).

The new line-up will henceforth shake the clubs of the nation under the name of SAVAGE BLOOD.

SAVAGE BLOOD have all the trademarks Enola Gay honored that time, leading their sound with additional fresh, contemporary component and thus combines tradition and modernity.

SAVAGE BLOOD serves the heart of all Thrashheads, all metal melodic ears and of course metal heads will jointly celebrate with rockers in front of the stage. The penchant for power and melody will all unite.

Savage Blood entered the Burning Flag Studio in their hometown Osnabrück in June 2016 to record a first 5-track EP.

The band is hot to enter the stages. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Savage Blood.


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