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Distressed To Marrow - Death/Doom - 111 Hits


Distressed to Marrow was founded by Torsten Staude (Ex-Targost, Draw Down, Painful) and Thorsten Ditschinger (Ex-Words of Noise, Painful) in the end of 2008! Due to their personal musical interests it was clear where the band should go: Melodic Death/Doom Metal! After finding an acceptable rehearsel room, Norman Achenbach (Ex-Nicoffeine) joined the band on drums and also brought much power and new influences! Just in a short time they combined old ideas with new riffs and most songs were completed in just a few weeks! But the search for the bass player and vocalist should be more difficult then expected. Before giving up the whole idea of this band after few frustrations, Yoan Betzy on bass (Ex-Desideria, Razorbill, Vagabz) and Daniel Wagner on Vocals (Ex-Fertilizer, Buffer, Aposiopese) joined the band in novembre 2009! After the line-up was completed they immediatly began to record the demo-cd "Cause of Decline", which was released in july 2010! Next to the recordings of that cd they also wrote new songs, first time as a complete band! This songs were recorded in spring 2011, once again in the rehearsel room, and released on cd in june 2011, titled "Aeternitas"! Since that release the band immediatly started to work on new songs.


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